Twitch cooking streamer reveals simple tip to stop crying while cutting onions

Twitch onionTwitch: Henlips1

While preparing a dish on live stream, upcoming Twitch cooking streamer ‘Henlips’ shared the secret to tearless eyes when cutting onions: Always wear protective eyewear.

Henry ‘Henlips’ Phillips is a Twitch streamer who has been steadily gaining traction on the platform. His commitment to providing quality entertainment and his genuine personality earned him a strong fan following.

Not only does the cooking content creator make mouth watering food, he also gives excellent practical advice. During his livestream on October 5, he shared his wisdom on Twitch by showing viewers how to prevent crying while cutting onions.

The stream occurred in Henry’s kitchen, the setting most of his viewers are familiar with. His biggest goal for the stream was to cook insanely good artichoke hearts, which required him to cut onions to prepare as ingredients.

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After cutting a slightly moldy onion, he gave a solid piece of advice to his viewers: “Always wear protective eyewear or else you’ll trigger your lacrimatory response, which is the tear response,” while sporting his own safety glasses.

By using protective eyewear, Henry’s eyes are directly defended against the attack from the onion’s naturally occurring liquids which splatter out when getting cut.

“You know, we all do enough crying when we’re alone anyway, so I don’t think we should be crying more just because we’re cutting onions,” he said, without letting out a glimmer of a smile.

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Though this isn’t necessary brand new information or advice to the entire world, Henry’s tip reaches a demographic that may not be as familiar with the food hack.

After all, his rise to popularity saw xQc, Emiru, and Foresen endorse his content, and it’s only going up since then.