Twitch cooking stream goes hilariously wrong after dog secretly steals food

TheDanDangler's dog eating her dinner on Twitch streamInstagram: TheDanDangler / Twitch: TheDanDangler

Some Twitch streamers love getting up into the kitchen and cooking for themselves and their viewers while live. However, ‘TheDanDangler’ discovered one other party who loves it: Their dog, who ended up digging into the final product live on stream.

Sitting behind a computer playing games or chatting isn’t the only thing streamers can do nowadays. Twitch has evolved to include other creatives, like musicians, artists, and other performers.

People stream from the great outdoors, their backyards, or their bedrooms. Cameras are even being brought into the kitchen as communities dig into what their favorite broadcaster is cooking that night.

Twitch streamer Fareeha cooking on streamTwitch: Fareeha
Cooking streams are popping up on Twitch nowadays as streamers step away from the PC.

TheDanDangler, a prominent Warzone streamer, did just that, streaming herself making some dinner.

She had the dough all rolled out, sauce and vegetables at the ready, and was just checking on it using her camera in the kitchen.

However, 15 seconds later, the dinner was gone. It was in the stomach of her dog Tito, who reached up to the counter to chow down.

The streamer’s chat went up in laughter, while TheDanDangler came running in from the other room to get her down off the benchtop.

“Get down! Get down! You son of a b*tch! God damn,” she said while laughing to presumably mask the pain of seeing her dinner go to the wrong recipient.

TheDanDangler didn’t let it get her down too much. In fact, it might not have been the highlight of her stream.

She ended up dropping into Warzone with NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman, boasting 23,000 viewers at the peak of her broadcast.

It was one hell of a stream, but you can only hope she found a good feed afterwards ⁠— one that Tito the dog doesn’t get their paws onto.