Twitch cooking stream almost ends in disaster as camera becomes an ingredient

. 4 weeks ago

A Korean Twitch streamer almost cooked their own camera which fell from its mounting stand during a cooking stream gone wrong.

Having its own dedicated category on Twitch, cooking streams have become a mainstay on the platform. From creators goofing around, to others genuinely trying to cook an edible meal, there’s a lot of culinary content to be consumed.

However, one of the best parts about cooking streams is that they often don’t go as expected, especially among the less experienced chefs. One example comes from Twitch streamer kjanecaron, who pleaded for her viewers to help as she almost burnt down her kitchen during a cooking stream gone wrong.

In another blunder, Korean streamer sora629 almost got her camera involved in the recipe.

Cooking streams can frequently go wrong, sometimes even putting streamers in grave danger.

On May 31, sora629 mounted her camera high up above the countertop to give viewers a better view of the work area. However, things took a turn for the worst. As she backed away from the camera, it slowly began to fall without her noticing.

Suddenly, the camera dropped into some vegetables below, which caused another bowl of sauce to fall off the counter and smash onto the floor, in a series of unfortunate events.

The streamer, panicked, desperately tried to stop her cats from licking up the sauce. Meanwhile, the chat was in hysterics.

While many noted that they saw the whole situation coming from a mile away, Sora was completely oblivious that the camera was falling. Luckily, the camera didn’t break either, so she can with her IRL content – although next time she’ll make sure she mounts the stand securely.

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