Twitch chat tricks Erobb into falling for classic CS:GO prank on stream

by Virginia Glaze


With CS:GO stream on July 13, thanks to a classic mechanic in the game.

For those unfamiliar with the title, typing the words “quit smoking” into the console prompts an unexpected result: the command will force the game to close, thanks to the word “quit.”

Valve Corporation
Valve Corporation
Twitch streamer Erobb was in the middle of a CS:GO stream when he was baited into one of the game's classic pranks.


However, pairing the term “quit” with another phrase, such as “quit smoking,” for instance, may render the command relatively harmless in the eyes of uninitiated players, resulting in some hilarious moments for those who get tricked into closing their own game.

Erobb was one such player, who unfortunately input the command into the console at the behest of his chat - leading to an unexpected reaction from the usually over-the-top streamer.

A classic CS:GO prank baits players into quitting the game by typing "quit smoking" into the console, effectively closing the window by use of the word "quit."


Despite slamming his desk out of rage upon being eliminated just beforehand, after typing the words “quit smoking” into the console, Erobb simply sat in silence for a few moments, as if stunned that he’d been tricked by the simple prank.

“You guys are so stupid,” he finally said, sitting back in his chair in defeat.

Erobb isn’t the first streamer to have been tricked into quitting their game by their own chat, either: massively popular makeup mogul James Charles was similarly baited closing his game window, after his chat begged him to press the Alt + F4 keys simultaneously.

While his first encounter with Twitch trolls saw him end his stream prematurely, this time, Charles took the prank in stride, laughingly shouting, “Okay, fuck whoever just did that, that is not funny!”

Although Erobb wasn’t amused by the practical joke, the trolling served as a hilarious lesson for the streamer, who isn’t likely to fall for another “quit” phrase in the near future.