Twitch chat pressures streamer and mod to kiss

by Isaac McIntyre
Kiaraakitty, Twitch


A Twitch donation message created a moment for Kiaraakitty and her moderator CM that was painful to watch. After a $5 donation, a viewer suggested that the pair should kiss while out in New York.


Kiaraakitty has long made her living on Twitch as a self-proclaimed outdoor streamer, travelling around the world while streaming for her loyal followers.

When the Singaporean local touched down in the United States for a six-week tour of North America, she met her dedicated moderator ‘CM’ to explore the city in a  stream named "Date with CM at New York ❤️".


However, some members of her Twitch chat used this as an opportunity to pressurize the streamer and her mod to get physical.

“Make the world and yourselves happier – Kiss him, Kiara," read Shartinthedark’s rather outrageous donation. "You have the longer neck and it’s 2019. Make the move!” 


As the donation request song, ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer, began playing, Kiara was quick to distract from the suggestion: “I think this is a nice song. We had fun today,” she said.

The moment in the car wasn’t the only time that the Twitch viewers harassed CM and Kiaraakitty. As the two were having food at a restaurant, another inappropriate donation message encouraged CM to attempt to have sex with the streamer later that evening.

CM was the first to respond to this pressure, using the acronym for 'too much information'. 


“TMI," he said.

Kiaraakitty had a bit more to say: “CM, I believe that you’re a guy, that you always say you want sex, but that’s just a meme right, just a joke right?"

"Uhmm," the moderator responded. "Yeah."


"Yeah, okay," said Kiaraa, "I trust that you believe in after-marriage. You’ve seen how I sit at the table, I always keep my legs closed."

"Yes," said the moderator. "After marriage."

Kiaraakitty's chat was flooded with "KISS HER" spam and other lewd suggestions throughout much of the stream, making for extremely uncomfortable viewing.  

Who is Kiaraakitty?

With almost 50,000 followers on the platform, Kiaraakitty is a rising IRL broadcaster on Twitch, who has gone viral in the past thanks to her previous adventures while traveling the world.

Her viewers have been the cause of some of these past viral episodes too, notably when one chat member asked a very NSFW question, but Kiara gave a surprisingly composed response, saying "It's not disrespectful. It's okay, keep doing what you're good at."

She plans to travel more throughout 2019, taking her viewers with her every step of the way, with a big trip to the US planned for the whole month of September, first in New York (where the CM meeting took place), then Washington D.C., Texas, and California, followed by a potential trip to Canada.