Twitch bans verified “DaBaby” channel trolling Pokimane, Hasan & Ninja


The partnered ‘DaBaby’ Twitch account that has trolled numerous top streamers while posing as the famous rapper has been banned on the platform.

DaBaby has become one of the top artists in the game in recent years, with his famous “Let’s go!” catchphrase becoming hugely popular and the inspiration behind many a meme online.

So, in true internet fashion, someone made a channel simply called ‘DaBaby,’ and decided to pay visits to the top names on the platform — even getting verified in the process.

Whether it’s the real DaBaby or not (hint: it probably isn’t), Twitch has taken action against the account and banned it from the platform.

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DaBaby Twitch ban

Twitch time machine account banTwitch
This is the screen that pops up when you try to visit the DaBaby channel.

On May 19, it was discovered that the DaBaby Twitch channel had been banned, though it’s not quite clear why exactly this has happened.

The real DaBaby hasn’t commented on the matter and, without any public comment from the channel, it’s hard to know what went wrong.

Was it really DaBaby?

This is the biggest question most streamers and community members have had, and while it’s been somewhat up in the air, the verified tick he possessed as a partnered member definitely made some fans assume it was real.

On the other hand, though, looking through different chat logs shows that DaBaby once went by the name ‘UseCodeNicc’ on Twitch, prior to taking on the DaBaby moniker.

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So, whether it was DaBaby or not, these Twitch chats will be a little less exciting going forward — at least, until the account returns.