Twitch bans Spanish YouTube star Wismichu for accidentally showing inappropriate content

Wismichu banned from TwitchYouTube: Wismichu / Twitch

Massively popular Spanish YouTuber ‘Wismichu’ was handed a 24-hour ban from Twitch after accidentally scrolling past some seriously NSFW content during a recent broadcast.

When it comes to live streaming, a good amount of Spanish content creators rank up at the very top; names like Ibai and TheGrefg have made huge waves on Twitch, with Grefg managing to break the platform’s record for most concurrent views at 2.5 million viewers during a January 11 broadcast.

YouTuber Wismichu is also among one of the country’s best content creators. Boasting over 9 million subscribers on the platform, this Spanish personality is best known for his satirical video essays, vlogs, prank videos and the occasional gaming upload.

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However, Wismichu has also garnered a substantial following on Twitch, managing to amass around 1 million followers — but these viewers won’t be able to tune into his broadcasts for the next 24 hours, thanks to an embarrassing slip-up.

Wismichu banned from TwitchYouTube: Wismichu
Spanish YouTube star received an unexpected Twitch ban on February 4.

On February 4, Wismichu uploaded a clip from a recent Twitch stream to his Twitter profile, which showed himself casually scrolling through a subreddit while giving commentary.

Unfortunately, one of the images in the subreddit was an incredibly graphic photo of someone’s undercarriage, which the streamer quickly scrolled past, visibly upset at the prospect that he might get punished for unintentionally showing the picture.

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The YouTuber humorously admitted that he’d been given a 24 hour ban from Twitch due to a “tremendous cock” when breaking the news to his fans.

One commenter suggested that Wismichu should employ a second screen as an added safety measure — but Wismichu laughingly claimed that he has three screens in his setup and still managed to score a ban.

This is far from the first time that Twitch has banned one of Spain’s biggest creators for similar reasons; in January, Ibai revealed he’d received a 24-hour suspension for showing someone’s inappropriate profile picture, which also happened to be a photo of genitalia.

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In this instance, however, it seems that the user had intended to get Ibai banned, as their username translated to “Ibai banned” — but it seems that, so far, Wismichu doesn’t have such dedicated haters.