Twitch bans partnerships director who was accused of sexual misconduct

Published: 2/Sep/2020 1:05 Updated: 2/Sep/2020 1:57

by Bill Cooney


Twitch has banned its partnership director, Hassan Bokhari, for an unknown reason roughly two months after several streamers accused the executive of sexual misconduct.

Bokhari, known on the platform as simply ‘Hassan,’ is one of the most well-known members of Twitch staff among the site’s community.

Twitch bans are not uncommon at all, but the site banning one of its own employees is definitely something you don’t see happen every day, whatever the reason might be.

At the time of writing, there are reports connecting Hassan’s Sept. 1 ban with the previous allegations levied against him, but Twitch hasn’t provided a public explanation or reason for the ban yet, themselves.

Twitch might never come out and give us a straight answer for why exactly Hassan has been banned, either. If we look back to the Dr Disrespect Saga, literal months have passed, and we still don’t have a solid answer on why he got the boot.

According to esports insider Rod ‘Slasher‘ Breslau, Hassan’s ban could be potentially connected to the sexual misconduct allegations from June, and happened after Twitch conducted their own investigations after screenshots surfaced and multiple streamers came forward with allegations.

“We engaged a reputable third party from to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations,” an unnamed Twitch spokesperson told Slasher. “While it is our policy to keep individual employment information confidential, the investigation has concluded and we have taken action in accordance with the investigator’s findings.”

A ban from Twitch might not be the only thing Hassan has to worry about, either; With the investigation wrapped up, the staff member’s employment with the site, on top of access to his channel, is up in the air – though we haven’t seen any word or news regarding his employment status with the site, just yet.

Hassan also has yet to respond to the ban on any social media at the time of writing. As this is still a developing story, be sure to stick with Dexerto for all the breaking details right here as they happen.


TikTok star roasted by Detroit Lions for quitting shaved head challenge

Published: 2/Dec/2020 20:53 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 21:05

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok continues to pump out some of the net’s hottest challenges, but one user has gone viral for not keeping up her end of the bargain — even after receiving comments from the Detroit Lions.

TikTok is the net’s most viral video platform for a reason; having pumped out such hits as the ‘Savage’ and ‘Say so’ dances, among other memes, the app has become an online sensation in the past two years.

However, it’s for more than just dancing and lip syncing; some users have begun calling out certain celebrities, sports teams and brands with a unique challenge, with such premises as: “If [X] comments on this post, then I’ll do [Y.]”

For one TikToker, this meant shaving off her entire head of long, blonde hair if the Detroit Lions decided to comment on her video.

@ripkekenkenz@detroitlions♬ Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) – David Guetta

Unfortunately for her, they did; as did the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Mariners, all top-tier sports teams with huge fan followings.

Despite getting the attention she’d hoped for, it doesn’t look like the TikToker — going by the username ‘kenzie’ — held up her end of the deal.

In a response video on December 1, Kenzie admitted that she didn’t have the desire to shave her head, and instead decided to shave that of one of her male friends.

“Didn’t think it would blow up and really didn’t wanna have a pixie cut for the next three years,” Kenzie explained in the video’s caption.

@ripkekenkenz##greenscreenvideo @user1236800442 didn’t think it would blow up and really didn’t wanna have a pixie cut for the next 3 years♬ Violent carolesdaughter – Carolesdaughter

Needless to say, she was promptly roasted by the sports teams who had commented on her previous video as well as random onlookers, who made sure to voice their displeasure in the comments section.

“Disappointed but not surprised,” the Tampa Bay Rays said.

Tampa Bay Rays roast Kenzie's TikTok challenge fail

“You got all those likes AND got noticed by the Detroit Lions and didn’t even live up to your word,” a commenter wrote. “That’s embarrassing.”

However, the Detroit Lions themselves had a hilarious response, indicating that their “respect” had shifted from Kenzie to the poor soul she’d recruited for her head-shaving mishap.

Detriot Lions clap back at Kenzie TikTok fail

All in all, it seems that this is a good lesson in keeping your end of a deal — or rather, being a bit more realistic about what you’re willing to do for views.