Twitch unbans Warzone streamer Tommey & admits it was “due to mistake”

Bill Cooney

100 Thieves Warzone streamer Tommey has been unbanned on Twitch shortly after being suspended for breaking the streaming site’s terms of service.

Tommey was handed a ban on the morning of February 23 out of nowhere but just a few hours later his suspension was apparently lifted, with content once again being available on his channel.

Initially, the 28-year-old had received a 14-day ban on the platform for “releasing non-sensitive personal information on VOD,” according to the streamer.

Just after being suspended the streamer simply said “Well, this sucks?” with fans filling up the replies wondering when he’d be back, and criticizing Twitch, of course.

During his short time under the ban hammer, the 100 Thieves member said he hadn’t received any clips or context when he was notified of his ban, something we’ve seen happen before to other long-time streamers on the platform.

“I received a very vague reason without any clip or context,” he said.

“This not only ruins the progress and growth we were making but also stops me from competing in any form of WZ tournament and also playing with anyone who’s streaming on Twitch. No clue what to do.”

The Brit has been streaming on Twitch for well over 10 years and hasn’t had too many issues with bans in the past so it did seem strange from the start. But, the good news is that after about five hours the site seems to have realized they made a mistake and reinstated his account.

Just after he returned, Tommey tweeted an email from Twitch stating his account “was suspended or blocked do to a mistake on [Twitch’s] part,” and that his channel should be back online.

“We are free,” the newly-freed streamer tweeted. Tommey has been on Twitch for years and this ban definitely caught everyone by surprise, but at least the 100 Thieves member is back in business.