Twitch artist reveals why streamers often steer clear of 4chan requests

Isaac McIntyre
Nysttren: Twitch

Rising Twitch artist ‘Nysttren’ has revealed why she steers clear of art requests on 4chan imageboards, after dealing with “ungrateful c*nts” from the infamous website.

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The Just Chatting streamer, who until recently also played games on her growing Twitch channel, mainly draws requested Anime and television art for her fans.

After dealing with a particularly passive-aggressive user on 4chan who had requested an image of Demon Slayer protagonist Nezuko Kamado, however, Nysttren revealed why many Twitch streamers avoid the thread-based website and its many anonymous users.

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“I fulfilled this request on the forums, and the person … this is why I stopped drawing in these threads, because I always seem to pick the ungrateful c*nts, always,” she said, before risking showing NSFW content on-stream by bringing up the 4chan thread in question.

“This is the original requester. They responded with this depressed gif. They said ‘Great work, thank you,’ but responded with this gif. The file name says: ‘My face when I did a throwaway girl in bunny suit request as a joke and that’s my one request that doesn’t get ignored, and I can’t even be happy about it, even though it turned out great.gif’.”

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The original requester shared another image later in the replies, with an image marked “Okay I take that back that shit is adorable, I was just in a weird mood, but now I really appreciate it,” with an image of a confused face. This response seemed to annoy Nysttren even more.

“For some reason, I always seem to deliver for the most ungrateful pieces of shit on this website, every time. That’s why I stopped fulfilling requests on these types of threads, because I would always deliver for people that don’t deserve it, right?” she said.

“That’s what happened. I kind of felt bad about drawing this because I could have drawn someone else’s waifu, and they would have been happy about it! I just wasted time. That could have been a delivery for someone that would have appreciated it, but no.”

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The requester’s response wasn’t the only reason Nysttren revealed in her semi-angry rant about the forums. She also revealed the focus on comedy and ‘troll’ imagery is just far too rampant for budding artists to use it as a regular platform to share content.

“I used to draw a lot on these threads on the weekends and I used to get pissed off. I would feel bitter about it all. I would deliver someone’s picture and it would look okay. I’m not going to say it’s amazing, it looked okay,” she explained.

“Then somebody else would deliver the shittiest, legit the most low-effort bullshit you can possibly deliver, literal stick figures, and they get like 20 replies to this comedy stick-figure shit, and [mine] gets maybe one reply, and it’s not even the original requester.”

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Although Nysttren may regret drawing her bunny-adorned Nezuko art for the anonymous poster, she seems to have learned a valuable lesson – 4chan has long been synonymous with humor and trolling, so it’s no small wonder many have chosen to steer clear of its forums.