Tsukumo Sana leaves heartfelt messages for Hololive stars in Minecraft tower

Tsukumo sana playing minecraft with hololive vtubersYouTube: Tsukumo Sana

Sana is eternal, and the graduated Hololive star will be remembered as such. Tsukumo Sana won the hearts of her Council genmates, as well as fans, even after her departure by leaving heartfelt messages in the group’s Minecraft server.

Tsukumo Sana’s graduation from Hololive is still a raw moment for fans and genmates alike. The Speaker of Space wrapped up her VTubing career on July 31, sending herself back out into the universe.

However while she may not be creating new content, she is helping make new fond memories for her fellow VTubers.

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The remaining quartet of Hololive Council, plus adopted member IRyS, went and explored Tsukumo Sana’s builds in the group’s Minecraft server, including her massive tower. As they plodded along they shared stories of the Speaker of Space, before uncovering a secret at the top.

On a mantle lay a book, which Nanashi Mumei took out to read. It had heartfelt messages to everyone at Hololive, including her genmates and talents Sana collaborated with before her graduation. By not even the end of the first page, the group were in tears.

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The book opened with remarks for Hololive Myth, the agency’s first English VTuber group. From calling Calli “captivating” and remarking on Kiara’s “perseverance”, Sana put clear thought into every single word.

It got more emotional when Sana started writing about her genmates though, each getting a dedicated page.

“I love that you love me,” Sana wrote about Ouro Kronii, “maybe it’s better to say around you I felt understood and accepted as I am. It’s not just me, you have this sincere warmth to you that makes everyone feel like a treasure.

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“I love how you, no sweat, take on a bit of everything as if you know how to organize chaos,” she added about fellow Australian Hakos Baelz. “You are a natural and born to entertain but at the same time the most friendly, fun, reliable, and endearing rat.”

There were messages for some of Hololive’s Japanese members, including Tsunomaki Watame, Shishiro Botan, Usada Pekora, Aki Rosenthal, and Amane Kanata. She also thanked Hololive Indonesia’s Moona Hoshinova for helping her build the tower with her “magic fingers”.

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At the end of it Sana signed off with a message about her time at the agency: “I don’t regret meeting incredible, creative people like the members of Hololive. I’m sure future talents will be just as dazzling. I’m always cheering for you all!”

The group kept wandering around for another hour, including getting a group photo to send off to the Speaker of Space somewhere in the universe. Although she might be gone, her presence will live on forever in the hearts of her genmates and Hololive fans alike.

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