TSM Myth loses his mind in Overwatch because of useless teammates

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/Myth

Popular Twitch streamer Ali “Overwatch match after being completely ignored by his team’s Mercy when he needed healing.

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Myth is a professional Fortnite player, but he has been dabbling in some Overwatch lately on stream to keep things fresh and provide plenty of entertainment.

However, during a recent Competitive match, Myth began the slow process of losing his mind that every long-time Overwatch player is familiar with when he couldn’t, for the life of him, convince his Mercy to heal him.

We all know how it feels, Myth.
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“I need healing.”

While Myth is pushing with his team on Havana as McCree, we can actually observe the exact moment he begins to break down and the tilt starts to seep in.

As his team pushes the payload through the first point, Myth stands right next to Mercy, who is apparently too busy pocketing Ashe to even notice the streamer in distress.

Blizzard Entertainment
“Do I look like an angel of mercy to you?”
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“Stop pocketing the Ashe! I’m better than her, please!” Myth begged his Mercy. “I know you guys are friends, and you probably go to middle school together, right?”

“And you hold hands when you go to walk to Miss – Miss Georgina’s class, right?” the streamer continued. “Miss Georgina’s class, you carry her books or some shit, well help me out, heal me?”

It’s not like Myth didn’t have any healing though, his friendly neighborhood Ana seemed to do a fine job of keeping the Fortnite pro topped off while he went on his rant.

Still, there’s nothing quite as infuriating as just being flat out ignored by Mercy, as any Overwatch player will tell you.

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Myth – the next big Overwatch pro?

Myth probably won’t be pursuing a professional career in Overwatch anytime soon with Fortnite solidly in place as the main game on his channel.

The streamer will be participating in Fortnite’s $1 million Trios Tournament on July 13-14 with former Overwatch professional Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and popular IRL streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos.

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Myth will probably do much better in the Trios Tournament than he does playing Overwatch, mostly because there aren’t any Mercys to get under his skin, but he might have to keep an eye on Felix.