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TSM Myth reveals the one thing he wants added to Twitch

Published: 4/Feb/2020 13:26

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer and Fortnite pro player Ali ‘Myth’ Kabani spends plenty of time on Twitch, and during his February 4 broadcast, the 20-year-old explained the one thing he thinks the platform should add to make it easier to find content.

For many, tuning in to live broadcasts is the main way they consume content on the site, but when a hilarious moment or awesome gaming play takes place, Twitch offers the ability to clip segments of streams, meaning they can be shared around for thousands to enjoy, rather than just the people who were in the chat at the exact moment it happened.


Many streamers even incorporate clips into their content, watching them with their audience and providing commentary, but the platform itself can make it difficult to find the most popular clips of the day, something which Myth finds annoying, and has a perfect solution to fix it.

TSM Myth
TSM Myth thinks he has a great way to improve Twitch.

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Twitch already has tabs at the top of the screen for discovering new streamers, checking out what the creators you follow are doing, and for browsing by the game of your choice, but the TSM member wants to see another option appear at the top of his screen, in the form of Clips.


Using Microsoft Paint to draw his masterpiece, Myth explained that it could be split up into different time frames based on views, while also offering a “Trending” section that would show the clips that are blowing up on the platform right now.

“We take [Reddit’s LivestreamFails], and we take them out of business,” the streamer told his chat. “Integrating it directly into the Clips section on Twitch, and now we are making the big bucks. Insane. I’ll be taking my paycheck, you can ship it in with next month’s payment.”

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Whether Twitch would ever add a Clips section to the platform remains to be seen, but with the short-form videos becoming so popular on and off the site, it would make sense to compile them in one place and give fans and streamers a centralized location to find the most popular moments from the platform’s biggest stars.


One thing is for sure though, if the Amazon-owned service does include it in the future, Myth will be looking for some cash as thanks for using his idea.