TSM Myth breaks down as Daequan & Hamlinz return with new content house

Myth Instagram / NRG Thooome House YT

Hamlinz and Daequan are back, sporting NRG colors in their return. And the third of TSM’s classic former trio, Myth, couldn’t be happier to see his close friends enjoying their comeback.

After years of internet absence, Daequan and Hamlinz are making an all-in comeback with a $7 million estate in Las Vegas now called The NRG Thoom House. They, along with seven other content creators, will be keeping constant content flowing from here on.

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While fans were buzzing throughout Twitter and Twitch in light of the news, Myth really showed how happy he was seeing his longtime friends retaining that energy that made them a force on TSM.

“Can I just pause… I really just want to say how happy I am, that they like, still got that f**kin’ energy bro,” Myth said watching The Thooome House’s inaugural video. “You know what I mean? And it’s low-key making me emotional, bro.

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“Cause I love that they’re f**king back. Like, they’re f**king about it!”

His Twitch audience shot up over 100,000 viewers at one point in his stream, and there were plenty of people reciprocating the mood with BibleThumps & FeelsStrongMans.

A little later during the stream, Daequan even popped into the chat, lighting up Myth’s face. It’s unknown if Daequan and Hamlinz will be on Twitch as much, but, now that they’re back, we might see Myth head down to Sin City for a visit.

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“Thank you guys so much, I went through such a low and worked on myself so much to get to this point. I appreciate you guys for waiting patiently for me. It really means the world,” Hamlinz said of the return.

“The House tour video is only the beginning, we got so much coming!” Daequan said. “Thank you for the patience. Love you guys frfr without y’all this could never be possible.”

The three have been through a lot together, and Myth was ecstatic to see the long-awaited return of his former Fortnite content crew.

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While they’re not roommates anymore, it doesn’t look like they’re going to miss a beat. Hamlinz and Daequan are going to be pumping out a ton of content, and Myth is down to link up in the near future.

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