TSM announce Pokelawls signing with throwback video

The TSM logo is positioned side-by-side with a photo of Pokelawls looking wistfully into the distance.TSM / Instagram: Pokelawls

One of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Pokelawls, has signed with esports and entertainment giant TSM — and the announcement video of them joining forces is nothing less than throwback gold.

Pokelawls is an extremely popular personality on Twitch, boasting well over 670,000 followers on the live streaming platform due to his hilarious in-game antics and humorous collaborations with other broadcasters.

First beginning his full-time streaming career in 2013, Poke has been on the internet for quite some time and amassed an eyebrow-raising following on other social media platforms like YouTube, where he sports an equally impressive 255,000 subscribers.

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That’s not all; despite keeping his personal life largely under wraps, the Canadian influencer also features his mother from time to time during his streams, adding a wholesome flair to his over-the-top gaming content.

Considering other massive entertainers signed to TSM, like streamers Myth and Greekgodx, it makes perfect sense that Poke would be a fitting addition to their ranks — but such a huge signing has to come with an equally bombastic announcement video.

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TSM announced their newest content creator in a YouTube video on September 7, which showed the streamer appearing to begin a regular broadcast before being literally sucked into the world of online gaming.

In a throwback sequence, Poke found himself quite literally inside a game of Overwatch as Genji, — another fitting decision, considering the streamer became well-known for streaming Blizzard’s popular FPS.

Not long after his stint in the Overwatch universe during the announcement video, Poke then found himself transported into the Grand Theft Auto world, another game he’s been known for streaming — particularly, within its online roleplaying (GTA RP) community.

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At the end of the video, Poke magically dons a TSM jersey, sealing the deal with his new organization, who appears equally as jazzed to have him on board.

While there’s no telling what kind of antics the “Man Among Frogs” will be getting into in the near future, it’s quite clear that fans are excited to see what’s next for the broadcaster after becoming a part of one of gaming entertainment and esports’ biggest groups.

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