Try this quick fix if you’re having Apex Legends lag issues

Joe Craven

Popular Twitch streamer Richard ‘KingRichard’ Nelson has provided his followers with a useful tip for trying to fix lag when playing Apex Legends.

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Although mostly known for his Fortnite talents, KingRichard has, like many other popular Twitch entertainers, recently transitioned to playing a considerable amount of Apex Legends, and has provided fans with a tip he has found useful when dealing with lag.

The first-person battle royale has taken the gaming community by storm, shown in its vast player count even thought it was only released in February.

EA/Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends features aspects of Respawn’s previous releases, such as Titanfall.
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However, despite its vast popularity, the game has experienced numerous issue with crashes and incredible numbers of cheaters. Another issue that has become prevalent, as is often the case with newly released games, is the in-game lag experienced by some players.

KingRichard seems to have come to the aid of his fans however, tweeting a quick and easy fix that he has found works well for him. It involves remaining at the home screen for one minute and manually selecting the correct server that relates best to the player’s region.

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If you’re experiencing crashes while playing Apex Legends, check out our guide on how to prevent these issues.

As for KingRichard’s advice, it seems to have received positive feedback from his followers, with one replying ‘Thank u soooo much!!!!’ and another simply replying ‘thank you’. The NRG Esports streamer is certainly doing his bit to help the community.