Trisha Paytas slams “stalker” for following them during wedding trip

Virginia Glaze
Trisha Paytas slams TikToker for stalking them
TikTok: animalsckingdom / YouTube: blndsundoll4mj

YouTuber Trisha Paytas recently called out a TikToker for filming them during their second destination wedding to husband Moses Hacmon.

YouTuber and all-around influencer Trisha Paytas recently tied the knot with artist and architect Moses Hacmon, brother to fellow YouTuber and artist Hila Klein.

While the two initially held a ceremony in Las Vegas, they later traveled to Maui to tie the knot again in a glamorous second destination wedding.

However, the couple weren’t away from prying eyes during their romantic getaway. One person on TikTok notably uploaded a video full of paparazzi-esque photos of the wedded pair, some of which showed they were being followed around their resort.

Trisha and Moses wedding
Instagram: trishapaytasbackup
Trisha Paytas recently had a second wedding with husband Moses Hacmon in Maui.

A few were taken in close proximity to Hacmon, with one image even being taken in the same elevator as the artist.

Trisha Paytas took notice of the video and responded in another TikTok, blasting the person for what they dubbed “stalking” behavior.

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Trisha Paytas slams TikToker for “stalking” them

“This kind of TikTok, this kind of stalking, this kind of like, creepiness, is not cool,” they began. “I don’t know if this is like, Gen Z I need to talk to or what, but this is called simple, basic, human etiquette.”

“These kinds of photos, where you sneak them from far away, or you do it in the elevator, or you’re videotaping us or following us around the resort, it’s really not okay,” they continued. “We’re not caged animals. Filming anyone without their permission or consent is super rude.”

Paytas went on to call the video an “invasion of privacy” and re-iterated that they are always happy to take photos with fans… as long as they ask.

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Paytas also addressed the video’s caption, which read, “When you’re married to your assistant,” finding it odd that their critics took issue with their husband “doing things for me.”

This is far from the first time Paytas has had to deal with stalkers in real life; the YouTuber was notably followed in a parking lot while filming a video in October 2021.