Trisha Paytas shuts down rumors of calling her baby Elizabeth after Queen’s death

Trisha PaytasYouTube: blndsundoll4mj

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has uploaded a TikTok video pouring cold water on rumors that she named her baby Elizabeth as a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, on the day she passed away.

Just hours after the United Kingdom was put on red alert on September 8, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96 years old.

It quickly became a global story, which prompted a variety of content creators to pay tribute to the late monarch on Twitter.

King Charles III has since started his reign on the throne, following on from his predecessor’s historic 70-year-long run leading Britain. He is the oldest to ever become King, at 73.

Trisha Paytas shuts down rumors she named her baby after the Queen

Trisha Paytas found herself in the middle of some social media rumors on the day of Elizabeth’s passing, with some users claiming she had given birth to her baby — naming the baby Elizabeth in a tribute to the Queen.

Uploaded on September 9 to her TikTok channel, Trisha responded to the rumors.

“First and foremost, I am still very much pregnant. It is September 9, 2022, and I am very much still pregnant,” she said to start the video.

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Paytas explained that she feels weird that her name was brought up after a “major tragedy,” saying that she thought it was in poor taste that people made part of the day about her.

She went on to explain that she felt like a “disappointment” as people she knows IRL was calling her to say congratulations — but she had to explain that she hadn’t even given birth yet.

It should happen sooner than later, however, and she expressed that she’s excited to be a mom.