Trisha Paytas confuses everyone with bizarre TikTok video series

Trisha Paytas TikTokTikTok: Trisha Paytas

Vlogger and influencer Trisha Paytas has posted a series of strange videos on their TikTok account, featuring Paytas and her fiance Moses Hacmon – leaving fans utterly bewildered.

In the series, Hacmon plays an immigrant who sells popcorn at the theatre, stars in the movie Paytas is watching and turns out (SPOILER) in the final episode to be the son of someone who owns a flying car company.

Paytas on the other hand plays a deliberately obnoxious American girl named Elena, who is routinely rude to Moses’ character and expresses a number of negative opinions about immigrants.

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The videos are titled “Immigrant Shamed for English,” coming in four parts with over a million views between them. They appear to have been filmed in Paytas and Hacmon’s mansion.

The videos feature some interesting editing from a close-up of popcorn overflowing to Paytas’ voice imitating the sound of a phone notification going off.

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However, it seems that the videos are a parody of a YouTube account run by Dhar Mann who posts videos of motivational videos that are supposed to teach life lessons.

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Mann’s slogan is “we’re not just telling stories. We’re changing lives” and his videos often feature people being judgemental or lying until there is a twist that proves the person wrong.

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The video series ends with Paytas’ character realizing that Hacmon is rich, has a nice car, and has a government-approved plastic tray that will pretend you from getting cheese on your jeans.

We do not know at this point whether we will be getting a sequel or that this style of video will become a new venture. Many fans in the comments thought the videos were equally odd and hilarious.

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One viewer poked fun at how the content was similar to what typically goes viral on Facebook.

Another said it was “still better acting than Addison Rae,” while one fan suggested acting is not Trisha’s strong point.

Others thought it was sweet that Moses went along with Trisha’s ideas and they love the idea of “a government-approved cheese container.”

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