Triple H explains how Logan Paul & Bad Bunny “earned respect” in WWE

Alec Mullins
Triple H on Logan Paul and Bad Bunny
YouTube: Impaulsive

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque is a legend of the wrestling business and as of June now serves as the Head of Creative for WWE. In an appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, he explained how Logan Paul and Bad Bunny garnered respect so quickly in the world of wrestling.

The WWE team is no stranger to having celebrities show up and ask to get involved with their product, but in the case of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, they’ve had oversized impacts during their appearances for the company.

Both competitors have put on matches that have received rave reviews in the last year, with Bad Bunny’s appearance in the Royal Rumble being a highlight of the show and Logan Paul’s Wrestlemania 38 showdown with The Miz vs. The Mysterios being a show-stealer in its own right.

In his pre-Summerslam appearance on Impaulsive, ‘The Game’ broke down exactly why the two upcoming stars have been given these huge spotlights in such a relatively short time.

Triple H reveals why Logan Paul and Bad Bunny are respected as WWE Superstars

The biggest thing that cleared a lane for the two talents is their clear passion for the industry, according to the Hall of Famer.

He first acknowledged that Logan and Bad Bunny aren’t like some of the celebrities who have come into WWE, wrestled one match, and then decided it’s too much for them.

He also claimed it’s the dedication to returning and consistently putting on a show that makes the other talent, like himself and The Undertaker, hold the duo in high regard.

“You earned my respect big time, Bad Bunny earned my respect big time, because to do what you did, you had to dedicate yourself 100%,” he said. “You woke up in the morning thinking about it and you went to bed at night thinking about it, and that’s the difference.”

The ‘King of Kings’ went on to praise the elder Paul for sticking it out and proving how passionate he is about proving himself every day.

The so-called ultimate influencer has already confirmed that he’s locked in for more WWE action this year, and with Triple H mentioning that the company is actively for more non-conventional ways to get people’s eyes on the show, it’s likely that Bad Bunny will still have a part to play moving forward as well.