Trainwrecks wins $1.5 million with World Cup bet nobody else predicted

trainwreck world cup betTwitch: TrainwrecksTV

Twitch star Trainwreck might not be allowed to stream his usual gambling content anymore, but that hasn’t stopped him wagering large sums of cash – this time netting a win of over $1.5 million on the World Cup matches.

Trainwreck wasn’t always known for his gambling content, but after becoming one of Twitch’s biggest streamers while playing numerous slot-type games, the 31-year-old earned a reputation for massive wagers, resulting in astronomical losses, as well as some big wins along the way.

While he is always quick to remind viewers that gambling is and always will be a losing endeavor, he continues to wager big himself, and with the World Cup ongoing in Qatar, he’s had a close eye on the matches.

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Trainwrecks hits $1.5 million World Cup accumulator

Betting on all four matches that took place on November 22, Train had to get four correct results in a row to avoid losing his $25,000 in BTC that he had gambled.

If the results came in, however – including a very unlikely Saudi Arabia win over Messi’s Argentina – he would make himself a tidy $1.5 million. Remarkably, Saudi Arabia triumphed over their world-class opponents with a 2-1 victory.

Almost just as risky, he also picked two draws, between Denmark vs Tunisia, and Mexico vs Poland. Both matches did indeed end in a draw – although lethal striker Lewandowski missed a penalty that would have won Poland the match.

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Finally, Train simply needed France to do their job and defeat Australia. Although the Aussies gave the French a scare when they took the lead early, France got into their rhythm and in the end strolled to a 4-1 victory.

Train kept his bet running through all the matches, avoiding the temptation to ‘cash out’ early for a portion of the winnings.

As the France game ended, Trainwrecks was quick as ever to remind his followers not to follow his example: “DO NOT GAMBLE, ALL GAMBLING IS LOSING, ESPECIALLY SPORTS BETTING.”

He also responded to critics accusing him of only showing wins, and not losses. “99.9% of my streaming life shows losses,” he retorted.

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It’s true that Trainwrecks always reiterates to viewers not to gamble themselves, and to watch him to get the buzz instead. This hasn’t totally cleansed him of criticism though, as fellow streamers and commentators have criticized both Train himself, and Twitch’s allowance of gambling content on the platform.

In September, Twitch banned Stake and other similar websites that are not licensed in the US.

Other forms of gambling, such as poker and sports betting are still permitted on Twitch.