Trainwrecks slams “unrealistic standard” set by streamers affecting young viewers

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Twitch streamer Trainwrecks slammed the “unrealistic standards” streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and more present to young, impressionable audiences that contributes to the volatility of online culture.

Train has been dissecting the “cancel culture extremism” and isn’t convinced that the blame is completely on the new generation of social media users who propagate this type of environment on the internet.

He sees streamers as a key ingredient in that cycle of dysfunction, considering the impact they can have on someone who watches them for five or more hours per day.

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“I don’t think the blame can be put entirely on the younger generation,” Trainwrecks said. “I think the streamers that they look up to and follow set an unrealistic standard of being perfect on screen, and this has warped their already limited perspectives of life and sociology.”

The popular commentary personality puts some of the onus on his fellow streamers, and other people in the industry tend to agree with the notion.

“The fans are just kids for the most part,” 100 Thieves’ Froste said in response. “The problem is these streamers that put on a mask of perfection to appease to kids, and immediately fold as soon as that mask slips even a little bit. Then these kids hold everyone to that standard, because it’s all they know.”

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When those streamers and popular figures betray that standard of perfection on display with their Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc, they’re “immediately labeled as a bad person,” Froste said.

Content creators and streamers, regular people who decided to turn on their webcam one day, get addicted to this fame and tend to perpetuate the worst parts of the culture.

“Content creators tend to do this because they’re addicted to fame,” fellow Twitch streamer Antphrodite said. “If they push back against the audience, their competition will virtue signal and pretend to care just to steal their audience. Once you dive in, there’s no getting out. I feel for them.”

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Trainswrecks previously pointed to bad parenting or a disconnect between parents and their kids that contributes to the larger problem, but couldn’t ignore streamer’s hand in the issue.

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