Trainwrecks loses it after near-perfect CSGO case prediction by donator

Twitch: TrainwrecksTwitch: trainwrecktstv

Twitch streamer Trainwrecks was met with some incredible luck when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on stream – after a donator suggested he may get lucky from opening a case.

CS:GO cases can offer skins and other cosmetic items that can range from seemingly worthless to worth thousands of dollars. With each major update comes new content, including cosmetics from cases.

These are often a fun source of time-wasting for players, who can try their luck between matches and see what they might get. Realistically, though, you rarely get anything great from them and simply acquire the more common items.

ValveCases can give players new and exciting weapon skins, gloves, sprays and more.

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So, when a donator told Train that “the next case you open will be a knife,” he decided to give it a go and see if the CS gods are with him. After all, he’s opened up a lot of these in the past and been greeted with many mediocre offerings.

He went and opened a Clutch case and – lo and behold – it became clear that he was about to unlock a glove case, and he was immediately excited.

“I got gloves, I got gloves,” he exclaimed. “Crimson Web! Yes! What did I tell you?”

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Telling donator ‘Tha_Sweed’ that he had called it, he confirmed that he had now unlocked two legendaries from cases, saying: “We’re bringing it back, chat!”

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He went on to open a couple more cases but wasn’t quite as lucky, instead earning a couple of lower-tiered P2000 and UMP-45 skins.

The streamer had used up the rest of his Clutch cases by the end of the match and failed to get another legendary skin.

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Trainwrecks clearly had a bit of luck on his side during his December 4 stream, with two legendary case openings more than many would get in a week.

Let’s see if he can keep that up and get the next legendary that he’s looking for.