Trainwreck wagers $200k during Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle 2 competition

Trainwreck on streamTwitch: TrainwrecksTV

Trainwreck is known for his big-money moves but this time he elevated the stakes of an already expensive competition by putting $200k on the line mid-match.

There aren’t many people who go as big with their cash as Trainwreck and even when his team was on the losing side of the Rust Team Battle war the streamer decided to spice things up.

With only about an hour left in the competition, he called a meeting and set two different goals – one for his own squad (Team xQc) and one for their opponents (Team Disguised Toast).

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If one group hit their goal before the end of their Elimination Round matchup, then they would be rewarded their share of the cash in the form of Bitcoin.

Trainwreck’s wild wager during Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle 2

For Team Disguised Toast, the job was simple: find Team xQc’s Tool Cupboard, which is responsible for the health of their entire base, and destroy it.

If they could hunt down the well-hidden object, then that would be the end of the challenge.

His own group on the other hand was tasked with the challenge of completing the comeback, meaning they would have to make up a monumental deficit, in order to take home the prize.

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After the wager was set the competition really began to ramp up and Team DisguisedToast poured on the attack in hopes of cashing in on the goal and scoring the extra money.

In the end, they fought hard until the end of the timer but weren’t quite able to locate the TC. However, Team xQc also wasn’t able to turn the tides at any point in their extended skirmish.

This means that while the bet did make things a touch more entertaining, it ultimately fell to the wayside by the end of the match.

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While that might have been a bit of a letdown, the $100,000 event’s guaranteed prize money certainly softened the impact for Toast and the rest of the winning squad.