Trainwreck responds to rumors of Dr Disrespect joining Kick

dr disrespect on kickKick/DrDisrespect

Rumors that Dr Disrespect could leave YouTube and join Kick have intensified after Trainwreck responded to the possibility of the two-time joining the platform.

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest streamers on the planet without a contract, but that could be changing very soon.

Ever since Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch, the Doc has been relegated to streaming on YouTube, but unlike friends such as TimTheTatman, he’s been doing so without an exclusivity deal.

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Now, Kick co-founder Trainwreck has added a tank of fuel to the scorching rumor mill by responding to a fan asking if Dr Disrespect could be jumping ship to the upstart platform.

Trainwreck hints at Dr Disrespect signing with Kick

With Kick emerging as a true competitor to Twitch and the platform signing some big names already, Dr Disrespect has been floated around as one of the top free agents.

During a Trainwreck stream, a fan commented that “we need the Doc on Kick” resulting in Trainwreck smilingly before dropping a possible hint.

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“Who knows,” he grinned. “Maybe.”

Obviously, this isn’t very much to go on, but it’s hardly the first time that Doc joining Kick had been suggested with the two-time himself even laying the groundwork.

Back in March, Doc hinted that a “big announcement” was in the works that would require a “brand-new arena” – something that could be code for a visual overhaul of his current set-up on another platform.

Later on that month, the 6’8 gamer told fans to “shut up and stop asking,” but added that he would “let them know” if he does decide to switch sites.

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With Kick hyping up the arrival of a mega superstar who might not even be a Twitch streamer, a lot of signs are suggesting that the two-time showing up on Kick could just be a matter of time.