Trainwreck lashes out at Twitch streamers acting like role models: “You’re the worst”

trainwreck-gambling-twitchTwitch: TrainwrecksTV

Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam lashed out at Twitch streamers who act like they’re role models, claiming it’s “narcissistic” for them to see themselves as “god-like figures” for children.

Trainwreck has been subject to a lot of commentary from other streamers, particularly because of his sponsored gambling streams.

Hasan, Ludwig, and Pokimane are a few among many who have taken a shot at him in the past. It happened again on May 30 when ChocoTaco called him a “villain.”

However, this time, it drew a reaction from Train, who slammed him by questioning his intelligence, before lashing out at streamers who act like role models.

Gambling streams have become all the fuss on Twitch.

“I think it is narcissistic,” he said. “A lot of people say narcissistic for streamers, but this is actually narcissistic. The f**king hubris of it, that streamers truly believe they are this god-like figure and role model for kids.”

“If you are any role model for kids, you would realize you are not a role model for kids. You are everything opposite of that. The fact you are all f**king high-school dropouts and preach college is useless. You are the worst motherf**kers for this!”

Train argued that kids don’t need streamers to be role models. Instead, he believes they need their parents or even some sort of religion to guide them rather than rely on entertainers to dial in their moral compasses.

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“My responsibility is to do what I want but to f**king shed the light and not sell a false reality of sh*t, and that’s what I do!” he added, referring to the fact he’s always tried to be transparent about the realities of gambling.

Sponsored gambling streams are still a hot topic on Twitch of late. After all, they can have a negative impact on viewers, as evidenced by an alleged Train fan who claimed his streams fuelled their addiction despite numerous warnings.

However, gambling isn’t the only thing he does. Train has also given away millions of dollars to fans and small streamers and has contributed to mental health care funds.

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