Tourist arrested in Thailand after “illegal” TikTok fishing video goes viral

Dylan Horetski
RoslanOfficial Arrested in ThailandTikTok: RoslanOfficial

A tourist has been arrested in Thailand after a video of him illegally fishing for endangered parrotfish went viral on TikTok.

While TikTok has been the platform viewers use to enjoy popular trends, sometimes videos can go viral for other reasons.

One of those reasons is illegal acts, as TikToker roslanofficial found out after a video of him fishing for endangered parrotfish and stabbing eels in Thailand went viral and caught the eye of local law enforcement.

Now, Roslan has found himself dealing with the legal ramifications of his videos as its been reported that Roslan has been arrested.

Roslanofficial arrested for “illegal” fishing

As reported by Bangkokpost on August 16, Roslan Bendenia has been arrested and is being charged with illegally catching parrotfish during his visit to Krabi, Thailand.

The report said: “National park officials detained Roslan Bendenia in Phuket on Monday afternoon and took him in for questioning, according to Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-Archa, who posted the information on his TOP Varawut Facebook account.”

Roslans viral video has since been deleted, but it allegedly showed the man with two endangered parrotfish, three other unidentified fish, and was also stabbing an eel.

The man told allegedly told police that he had rented the boat he was in, and was not aware that the area was inside the National Park. During questioning, Bendenia admitted to catching the Parrotfish but didn’t know doing so was illegal.

Since the incident, he has apologized for his actions in a video on TikTok.

“Dear Thailand, I’ve been deeply impacted by all of your messages and media attention. . This went very differently from what I was hoping to experience and share, and it is definitely never been my intention to break any laws or to hurt people,” he said.

“So here’s my side of the story: I didn’t know about breaking any rules and want to deeply apologize for making a mistake.”