The 10 most controversial Twitch bans of all time

Apex Legends, with no repercussions.

Twitch is often accused of being inconsistent with its rulings, and so controversy is rife whenever a popular streamer is struck by the ban hammer. Here are 10 bans that caused controversy in the Twitch community.

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10. Gabepeixe banned over a Pink Floyd poster

Brazilian Twitch streamer Gabriel ‘Gabepeixe’ Baptista received a suspension because he showed a Pink Floyd poster during his broadcast. Yes, that’s right – a Pink Floyd poster.

That’s not the most ridiculous part of his ban, either – the poster wasn’t even part of his own setup, only appearing in a video he was watching of another streamer’s broadcast, who hadn’t been banned for the artwork in his entire time streaming on the site.

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While the nude women on the poster resulted in Baptista being banned for ‘sexual content’, Twitch’s sudden ban on his channel, while others were ignored, left viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

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9. Quqco banned for cosplay crimes

If you’re a fan of fighting games, you will have heard of Chun-Li, Street Fighter’s leading lady since 1991. Many internet personalities have cosplayed this character, who is viewed as a pinnacle of strength for women in gaming – but one streamer was banned for doing just that.

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Streamer ‘quqco’ received a three-day ban for sexually suggestive content during a broadcast in which she cosplayed the character. It was a suspension that came as quite a surprise, as Chun-Li’s outfit isn’t especially revealing.

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While quqco had been banned before for similar behavior, the streamer claimed she was the target of mass reporting from sites like Reddit, and was even prohibited from participating in TwitchCon 2019’s artist alley.

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8. BeesOnMyHeadTV banned for being shot at

Twitch streamer ‘BeesOnMyHeadTV’ made headlines across the web after being shot at and carjacked on camera, with a fear-inducing clip of the altercation providing evidence of his dangerous encounter.

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Despite the incident not being his fault in any way, BeesOnMyHead was later banned due to the debacle, with Twitch explaining in an email that they’d indefinitely suspended his account “due to an on-stream emergency” to “protect [his] privacy.”

It might seem unfair, but commenters argued that Twitch was making a logical decision in this regard as they were trying to protect the streamer from potential harassment.

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7. Nymn banned for filming at TwitchCon 2019

TwitchCon is a massive event for both live streamers and their audiences, as top broadcasters from across the globe gather in one location to meet with their communities.

However, such massive meetings are bound to result in drama, and top streamer ‘Nymn’ received a ban for filming in Twitch’s Partner Lounge during the event.

Although the Lounge is famously off-limits (as a means to give streamers a break from constant broadcasting), Nymn “briefly” filmed in the area while escorting fellow streamer ‘xQc’ to his meet and greet, resulting in a 14-day ban – a length that was later cut in half following fan outrage.

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6. Dellor banned for keyboard smash

Former Overwatch pro ‘Dellor’ stirred concern across Twitter upon being banned from Twitch for smashing a keyboard over his head. It was a stunt that was meant to be a celebration for finally receiving subscriptions on the site, after his partnership was removed earlier this year.

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[Credit to FLiK Sixin on YouTube for the clip.]

Although the streamer had performed such antics before, Delllor posted a concerning Twitlonger post in the aftermath of his ban, in which he said that he was depressed. He  later updated fans to let them know that he was doing well after visiting a hospital in wake of his suspension for “self-harm.”

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5. Velvet_7 is mistakenly banned

Twitch dropped the ball in a major way for one rising streamer, who received a suspension for five weeks due to a “mistake” on the site’s part.

“Velvet_7” had received a past ban for sexual content, prompting her to change her attire and material in an attempt to adhere to the site’s Community Guidelines. However, she was hit with a month-long ban shortly thereafter by mistake – and that wasn’t the end of the drama, either.

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The streamer received yet another (albeit short-lived) ban on October 1 after finally retrieving access to her channel, this time for reportedly saying a “hateful slur” – a development that “broke the camel’s back.” 

4. Fareeha banned for wearing workout clothes 

While many female streamers broadcast their workout routines or even stream in workout gear, popular Overwatch streamer Fareeha received a quick ban for appearing in her gym clothes – with Twitch categorizing the attire as “underwear” and “lingerie.”

This incited a sarcastic response from the streamer, who hit back at Twitch’s head-scratching decision with a Tweet that read, “Because workout clothes and showing midriff = lingerie, ok ok ok, cool cool cool.”

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With Fareeha also banned from promotional activities for Gen.G, the confusing ban was made all the worse – especially considering the attire some other streamers have worn while broadcasting.

3. Dr Disrespect’s bathroom blunder

Dr Disrespect is known for the “speed” and “violence” in his high-quality production streams, but it wasn’t either of these things that resulted in one of Twitch’s most notorious bans yet.

There was an avalanche of drama at E3 2019 in June after the two-time Blockbuster champ broadcasted inside of public bathrooms at the event on multiple occasions, resulting in both a suspension from Twitch and the revocation of his E3 pass.

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The Doc later made fun of his blunder ahead of his eventual return, saying that “mishaps lead to recaps” – although he later broke character to deliver an apology on behalf of his brand, explaining that he’d gone “all in” on the Doc’s character in his first-ever IRL broadcast.

Twitch: Dr DisrespectThe Doc was banned for his bathroom escapades.

2. TF Blade’s “idiots” scandal

Although many streamers make less-than-savory comments on camera, one top broadcaster was banned for an allegedly misheard phrase, which ended up taking the League of Legends community by storm.

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Popular LoL player ‘TF Blade’ received a suspension from Twitch after calling his opponents “idiots” – a phrase that Twitch ruled was actually a racial slur, prompting a 30-day ban from Blade’s account

Blade argued that Twitch had “misheard” him, with his supporters claiming that his accent may have confused moderators, who later reduced his suspension to seven days in light of his subsequent appeal.

1. Amouranth’s major comeback

While any length of time away from streaming is detrimental to top broadcasters, this was not the case with streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, who is known across Twitch for her risque content.

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From Just Dance streams to ASMR broadcasts and more, Amouranth is a true variety streamer, but one of her “Just Chatting” segments got a little NSFW, after she accidentally exposed herself while spending time with her pet pooch.

Twitch: Amouranth

However, her audience didn’t dwindle upon her return to the platform days later, with the star becoming one of the site’s fastest-growing content creators in wake of her ban, hitting a milestone of 1.5 million followers on October 3.

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