Tommyinnit freaks out after leaking his passport on stream

TommyInnit (Twitch)

Tommyinnit, one of the most popular Minecraft content creators online, went into a panic after accidentally leaking his passport on stream.

Seventeen-year-old Thomas ‘tommyinnit‘ Simons is one of the many Minecraft creators on the Dream SMP. And like anyone associated with the SMP, he has garnered an immense following over the last couple of years.

With 40k average viewers on Twitch and 11.5 million YouTube subscribers, Tommy is one of the largest creators online. This comes with its perks, but also means nothing he does online will go unnoticed.

That’s why, during a live stream on the Dream SMP server, Tommy began to freak out after leaking his passport. He possibly leaked his private information to more than 70k viewers.

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TommyInnit fans shocked after minecrafter claims hes homelessYouTube: TommyInnit
TommyInnit is one of the largest Minecraft content creators on Twitch and YouTube.

Tommyinnit leaks passport during Twitch stream

While playing with Ph1lza and Technoblade, Tommy attempted to save a picture of his fellow SMP member Tubbo. However, in the process of saving the image, a thumbnail of his passport appeared on the screen.

He immediately closed the window and groaned at his mistake. “Now, I’m 60% sure I just leaked my passport. I’m sure it’s fine,” he said while reviewing the vod, “Please tell me it was out of frame.”

He and Ph1lza reviewed the clip and agreed that the thumbnail was too small to see any details. However, Tommy’s chat and friends urged him to end stream and delete the archived footage.

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“Yes! Get f**ked, idiots!” Tommy exclaimed as he realized his viewers couldn’t steal his personal information. Shortly after, Tommy’s dad called him to check in on the situation.

“I don’t want to brag, but I just did the funniest passport leak ever,” Tommy stated. His father agreed that it was fine and advised that anyone with Tommy’s passport should destroy it immediately.

Tommy went on to brag about how “clutch” his window closing abilities are while ignoring the possible ramifications of a leaked passport.

The award-winning Minecraft streamer went on to perform more shenanigans with his friends on the SMP.

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