TommyInnit finally gets Charli D’Amelio Twitter follow after months of waiting

Charli D'Amelio next to TommyInnitInstagram: charlidamelio / tommyinnit

Minecraft star TommyInnit has finally been followed by TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio on Twitter, after months of trying to strike up an online friendship.

17-year-old TommyInnit is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators out there, well-known for his participation in the wildly popular Dream SMP along with several other renowned creators on YouTube.

Throughout 2021, Tommy has been trying his very best to interact with TikTok’s most-followed creator Charli D’Amelio online, and has made several attempts to befriend the creator across a range of platforms.

After dueting her several times on TikTok, in July he wrote on Twitter: “Charli I keep dueting you and you keep ignoring me. Please reply charlie’dmelloh.”

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However, much to his dismay, he was ultimately ignored, which only seemed to entertain fans more.

Yet after all those months of waiting, on November 27, Tommy revealed that he had finally gained a follow from the popular TikTok star.

Alongside a screenshot of the notification that she’d followed him, he wrote: “This is the most important moment of my life.”

Fans were happy to see that Tommy’s efforts finally paid off in some way, and his fellow content creators were quick to share their own response, with Dream and Sapnap jokingly tagging Charli and saying, “wtf follow me.”

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After recently telling fans he dropped out of college, he also wrote: “This is the full-time YouTuber life. I’m young. Happy. Living my life. It’s just the TommyInnit charm.”

Although the pair now follow each other, it’s not clear whether they’ll go on to actually collaborate at any point in the future.

But if they were to team up on content, it might not be such a surprising combination. Tommy was actually the one to reveal that TikTok star Addison Rae was in the Dream SMP Discord sever back in January, so it wouldn’t be the first time the two worlds have combined.

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