TommyInnit admits Dream didn’t want to invite him to DreamSMP

TommyInnit fans shocked after minecrafter claims hes homelessYouTube: TommyInnit

Minecraft YouTube star TommyInnit has admitted that Dream was hesitant to invite him to the DreamSMP at the beginning.

Dream’s Minecraft SMP was undoubtedly one of the biggest groups on the internet during its peak. What started as a few friends became a massive phenomenon that even had its own dedicated Spotify genre.

A huge factor in the DreamSMP’s success was the introduction of TommyInnit to the server, who arguably – for better or worse – changed up the game entirely.

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However, the young Minecraft star has admitted that Dream was hesitant to even invite him to the server to begin with.

TommyInnit is one of the biggest creators on YouTube, with an impressive subscriber count of close to 12M.

During a podcast with influencer duo Colin and Samir, the 18-year-old YouTuber opened up about how joining the DreamSMP came to fruition. Surprisingly, the Minecraft star revealed that Dream didn’t even want to invite him at first.

“I asked him to be in and originally he was like, ‘Nah, it’s just me and my close pals,'” he admitted. “Then I think he sort of saw the element of chaos and story in my brain, so I joined and it became quite a lot more.

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“Now there’s some action and drama going, and then Wilbur joined, and that’s when it became quite a lot more like sophisticated and literary,” he said. “That sort of blossomed the idea of like you can almost have a theatrical story in a sever.”

He continued: “Dream was hesitant to add me, because he knew I was going to be a d**khead. The first time I logged on, I killed people, blew shit up and stole things, and pretended I didn’t. But bare in mind, the day before they were building a house together and reading donations.”

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(Timestamp at 4:35)

In the end, we can sure bet that Dream was glad he changed his mind and opened up the server. It’s fair to say TommyInnit’s character had quite the impact on the SMP, which did wonders for all the members’ growth as creators.

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