Tommy Fury responds to father’s claim that he wasn’t training for Jake Paul fight

Lawrence Scotti
jake paul tommy furyJake Paul/Tommy Fury

Boxer Tommy Fury has responded to the claims from his own father that he wasn’t training properly for the planned fight against Jake Paul, saying the only reason it was canceled was because of his inability to enter the United States.

The long-awaited fight between Tommy Fury and YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul, which had months and months of build-up, has been called off. After the fight itself was KOed, Jake swiftly moved on and is now set to face off against Hasim Rahman Jr.

Now, Fury has shared his reasoning for the match-up being canned after allegations have been swirling online.

tommy-fury-26-06Tommy Fury rose to social media stardom through his appearance on the reality TV show Love Island.

Tommy Fury shoots down claim he wasn’t training for Jake Paul bout

Fury posted a video on July 10 clearing up the exact reason the Jake Paul fight isn’t happening.

“The reason I am not fighting Jake Paul on August 6th in America is because I was not allowed in the country. Anything else said on social media is false.”

Fury also called the rumor he wasn’t properly practicing for the fight “buls**t.”

Much of the rumors that bounced around the internet were actually stirred by comments made by his own father, John Fury, which were shared by Jake a day prior.

“Tommy wasn’t exactly in training, I told him, I know you could be fitter, you’re overweight,” Fury’s father said about his son.

Paul also threatened to sue Fury over pulling out of the fight, which was set to make them both huge sums of money.

While his own dad may disagree, Tommy outright denies anything impeding the fight other than his own difficulties entering the U.S.