Tommy Fury claims fighting KSI would be ‘easy money’

Tommy fury slams awful ksi over jake paul tauntYouTube: JJ Olatunji, FightHubTV

Ahead of KSI’s Misfits Boxing bout against Joe Fournier, Tommy Fury claimed that fighting KSI would be ‘easy money’ and said that Jake Paul was the best fighter amongst all the influencer boxers.

With his fight against Joe Fournier being one of the most hyped-up main events of the year, KSI’s clash against Fournier at Misfits x DAZN Series 007 is sure to be a sight to behold.

KSI’s been training to go out with a bang before he retires from boxing, taking on some of the biggest fighters in the sport. However, Tommy Fury doesn’t think that KSI is all he’s cracked up to be.

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In an on-stage interview during an intermission, Tommy Fury said a fight against KSI would be ‘easy money’ after having fought and beaten Jake Paul, the influencer he thinks is at the top of the game.

Tommy Fury confident he’d take down KSI in a bout

Tommy Fury is a professional boxer and former Love Island competitor that’s made himself a big name in the scene. He went into his fight against Jake Paul in February 2023 with a flawless record and left with a flawless record.

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Ever since, fans have been waiting for him to step back into the ring. When asked about whether or not KSI would win against Fournier, he thought KSI had the edge despite Fournier being the better boxer on paper.

Fury, however, didn’t share that same opinion when it came to whether or not KSI would be able to take him in the ring.

“In my opinion, out of all this influencer boxing stuff, I beat the top of the chain. Jake Paul, I reckon, is the best out of all these. Listen, it is what it is: Easy money, baby.”

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Whether or not Tommy Fury decides to step in the ring with KSI remains to be seen. He did, however, take the fight outside of the ring at the very same event just minutes after his interview.

The boxer got into a scuffle with Idris Virgo ringside, prompting security to pull the two apart. Fury also stepped onto the stage after KSI’s victory over Joe Fournier to further taunt the YouTuber turned big-name boxer to a fight.

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