Tommy Fury admits Jake Paul fight is only happening because of money

Tommy Fury in a grey jumper talking to cameraYouTube: Rob Moore

Tommy Fury has admitted he’s only fighting Jake Paul for the money, as the longtime rivals are set to clash at the end of February. 

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been trying to make a fight happen for a few years now, with the longtime rivals having agreed to fight twice before. 

Both times, the fights were called off due to issues on Tommy’s end, and fans questioned if the pair would ever settle their beef inside the ring. 

There are reports that they’ll finally meet in the ring in late February, with a fight expected to take place in Saudi Arabia. While there will certainly be bragging rights on the line, Tommy has said he’s only in it for the money.

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Tommy Fury says Jake Paul fight is only happening for the money

The younger Fury brother appeared on The Disruptors podcast to talk about his and Jake’s rivalry, noting that the YouTuber-turned-boxer doesn’t really get under his skin. 

“Before Jake Paul and the YouTube boxing stuff start, I was fighting legitimate people, earning my stripes,” Fury said. “But if you want to slap millions of pounds in front of my face and ask me to fight Jake Paul, why am I not going to do that? I’ve got a family to feed now. 

“The reason why I’m taking the Jake Paul fight is that it’s financially good,” Tommy added, noting that Jake doesn’t really get underneath his skin. “I know what he’s doing, he’s a whizz on social media. He’s made a living being an idiot, arrogant, and calling people out for what it is. All I see with Jake Paul is a business.”

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The youngest Fury added that he still has his eyes on fighting those more ‘legitimate’ fighters after he and Jake have clashed, but it’s ultimately a “no brainer” to make the money. 

As noted the pair are seemingly going to fight towards the end of February, with it being shifted to February 26 as Tommy and his partner Molly-Mae are having a baby.