Tommy and Tyson Fury recruit Shaquille O’Neal to get Jake Paul fight

Alice Hearing
Instagram: gypsyking101/ Jake Paul

Boxing brothers Tommy and Tyson Fury have recruited NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil to help them persuade Jake Paul to fight, and they’ve posted a bizarre callout.

Jake Paul may have successfully knocked out Ben Askren in the first round in April, but the Fury family and their friends are coming after him, further escalating the war of words already happening between the 22-year-old British fighter and the YouTuber turned boxer.

Following Jake’s win against Askren, Tommy tweeted “I’m ready to give the people what they want,” tagging Paul, who appeared to accept the offer later on but only on the condition that Tyson also joined the boxing card.

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Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren in the first round in April

However, Tommy and Tyson Fury have taken their fighting talk one step further. On May 20, boxing legend Tyson Fury posted a video to his Instagram surrounded by his family and friends, challenging YouTuber Jake Paul to “step up and fight a REAL boxer.”

The video begins with Tyson Fury’s son Prince shouting “Jakey Jakey where are ya? My uncle’s looking for ya,” Before Tommy threatens, “This boxing sh*t, it’s in my blood. I don’t play boxing.”

The camera then turns to none other than four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal who says “If you see this face, you already know what it is. Don’t matter the amount, don’t be scared” while holding up the universal hand gesture for money.


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Finally, Tyson Fury himself tells the Paul brothers where they stand: “So Jake, Logan, Anyone else who wants to back these pussies, please hit us up, I’m taking all bets for any amount of money. As much as they want. Any time, any place, anywhere, let us know. Tommy’s knocking Jake the f*ck out.”

However, Tommy is not the only one calling for a shot at fighting Jake Paul; Evander Holyfield has claimed he’ll do it for enough money, popular rapper The Game recently tweeted his offer, and the YouTuber seems to have accepted an offer from UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

But with Jake having just locked down a deal with Showtime Sports for multiple future fights, it looks like Tommy has a good chance at getting in the ring.