Tom Segura details ‘crazy’ story of tour bus driver being arrested for drug trafficking

Tom Segura explains driver situationYouTube: 2 Bears 1 Cave

Tom Segura broke down how his tour bus driver was involved in an accidental drug trafficking arrest while attempting to cross international borders.

The life of a stand-up comedian is already chaotic enough at the level of success that Tom Segura has achieved. Living a tour-heavy life means being on the move all the time, which is a feat that’s made harder when your bus driver gets arrested for trafficking drugs across international lines.

In an episode of his podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave, Segura explained to his cohost and fellow superstar comedian Bert Kreisher how the situation developed and resolved in an equally strange fashion.

Tom Segura’s strange story about accidentally getting his bus driver arrested

The ‘Ball Hog’ storyteller kicked things off by saying he was already having a bad night at a different show when he learned that his driver had been cuffed while attempting to cross into Canada.

According to Segura, his tour manager was already in a frenzy over audio issues when the news came in, so when they stepped away to discuss the situation, he was completely stunned by the new disruption.

“I think it’s going to be about the staff…he goes ‘come with me’ and I’m like ‘this is a pretty serious talk about sound.'”

Of course, it wasn’t about sound at all. It was about their driver being detained by border police after they came onto the bus and found an abundance of weed inside the comedian’s room.

Segura eventually got to speak with the driver who told him that the check had gone fine until they entered the back room and found the still-packaged marijuana. After hearing that, the comedian immediately began to put the pieces together. “Right away it hits me, I go, it’s gotta be from a gift…”

Just as things seemed like they were headed for the worst possible ending though, the arresting officer pulled a huge curveball. “Whose bus did you say this is?” he asked.

When the driver admitted it was Segura’s bus, the entire situation deflated in a heartbeat. It turns out he was a huge fan.

The bus driver was ultimately uncuffed and let free as long as he promised that he would “Tell Tom to smoke all this sh*t” if he ever wanted to cross the border.

However, after such a close call, the crew decided to throw it all out just to keep their show on the road.