Tom Holland loses bet to YouTubers McFly & Carlito at Uncharted premiere and it’s gone viral

Flickr: Gage Skidmore/YouTube: McFly & Carlito

Spider-Man star Tom Holland lost a bet to French YouTubers McFly and Carlito, and it’s safe to say that the internet has been wowed by the viral clip from the Uncharted premiere.

For years, there had been rumors that a movie based on the Uncharted franchise would be put into production and given the big-screen treatment. Though, it took until recently for that to be a reality.

The Uncharted movie, which stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, is starting to premiere around the globe – which means the actors are in for a bit of a media blitz, promoting the new franchise.

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In the case of Holland, the Spider-Man star was in Paris for the movie’s showing at the Grand Rex cinema, when he surprised the audience by bringing along popular YouTuber’s McFly and Carlito to pay up on a bet.

The first look of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake for the upcoming Uncharted movie.Sony Pictures
Tom Holland is playing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

During the screening in Paris, the 25-year-old was accompanied by the YouTube stars when he revealed to the audience that he was there to pay up on a bet he’d made with them.

His consequence wasn’t anything particularly embarrassing, but he did have to dap the pair up at his own screening. “Listen, I lost a bet to McFly and Carlito. Ok, so listen: McFly and Carlito are the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met in my life,” Tom started as the audience roared in their approval.

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“I had a wonderful time along their side and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to live the experience down. It was a magical moment. Long lives to the both of you two, thank you so much for embarrassing me in front of all you wonderful people.”

As of writing, there hasn’t been a video from the YouTubers to provide a bit of backstory to their bet, but we’d guess that their 7 million subscribers will see it hit their sub box before long.

Until then, fans will keep replaying the video from the premier as it continues to rack up views across social media at a rapid pace.

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