Tiny Twitch streamer makes over $85,000 after raid by crypto enthusiasts

Twitch streamer makes $85,000Twitch/cameron_ferguson_music

A small Twitch streamer who was playing guitar to a handful of people had one of the craziest nights of his life after being donated over $85,000 when crypto fanatics showed up in his chat.

Going into his stream on April 15, Cameron Ferguson had no idea he would have one of the most successful nights anyone has ever had on Twitch, and it’s because he was noticed by Cobie, who has the Twitter handle CryptoCobain, and hosts a show called Up Early.

During Cobie’s stream, he was looking for smaller streamers and stumbled across Cameron Ferguson playing music for a few people and decided to raid him.

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That’s not all that happened, however, he also instructed the streamer to create a Twitter account, get on the cryptocurrency app Blockfolio and put his address in his bio so others could donate to him.

From there, the money just started to roll in and completely change the tiny streamer’s life.

“$17,167…” Cameron shockingly gasped when he pulled up his account with all the donations. “Guys, that is insane. Thank you so much. Man, I seriously appreciate that. Thank you so much.”

Still shocked that he could ever make so much money, the streamer confessed that he had “no idea what was going on” which got a laugh out of Cobie.

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Eventually, the streamer even brought his wife on stream to show her the good news. “Guess how much money we have!” he asked her.

After guessing $1,000 and $2,000, Cameron showed her his phone and stunned the living daylights out of her.

“This isn’t real!” she gasped.

A bit later on, in some leaked DMs posted by Cobie, Cameron admitted she was “cautiously optimistic” as $85,000 doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

When all was said and done, however, Cameron finally posted his first-ever tweet thanking everyone for their support.

“THANK YOU! Up Only and everyone who joined in for one of the craziest nights of my life. This being my first tweet ever, I sincerely hope this thank you reaches everyone who tuned in tonight. If I don’t get back to you, apologies, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you!” he exclaimed.

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It just goes to show that one stream on Twitch can completely change your life and that’s exactly what happened here with one of the craziest streamer stories of all time.