Tiny streamer becomes one of Twitch’s biggest channels overnight

klarcthekid twitch streamerKlarcTheKid / Twitch

A small Twitch streamer ‘KlarcTheKid’ has become one of the fast-growing channels on the popular livestreaming platform after gaining over 4.4 million followers in a single day.

There are plenty of aspiring content creators looking to build up their following and community on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, but it can take a lot of time and effort to become successful.

Although it is extremely difficult, without a push from other platforms or influencers, to become one of the fastest-growing creators, there have been a number of small streamers who have exploded in follower count over recent months.

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minecraft steve on a hillMojang
KlarcTheKid is a variety streamer, who streams games like Minecraft on Twitch.

While there are strict rules preventing Twitch streamers from artificially boosting their followers and viewer counts through third-party sites, a few creators, such as aileybeanssa, confirmed that their channels had been randomly botted out of nowhere.

Now, another small streamer KlarcTheKid has also had a bizarre follower increase, after gaining 4.4 million followers overnight on November 14, according to TwitchMetrics.

The streamer instantly rocketed to the top of Twitch’s fastest-growing creators but he revealed on his Twitch bio that he was being targeted by a troll who was likely trying to get him banned.

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List of fastest growing twitch streamersTwitchMetrics
KlarcTheKid is ahead of stars like Sykkuno, AuronPlay, and even the official Twitch channel, in terms of follower growth.

“Almost all of these follows are bots from a guy harassing me.” he admitted, apologizing for the unusual circumstance, “Sorry, for the confusion.”

Shortly after the channel was botted, a correction was made to KlarcTheKid’s follower count, removing almost half of his unexpected increase, but his channel has still gained over 2 million followers compared to the hundreds of fans he had before.

Other streamers affected by these random follow bots have previously claimed that Twitch was unable to do much to reverse the effects and that they still have plenty of bots following their channel.

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While Twitch has not issued any disciplinary action with channels like aileybeanssa, who suffered a similar botting, it is unclear whether they will decide to stick with the same approach for KlarcTheKid’s unusual rise.

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