TimTheTatman sends a message to Dr Disrespect amid Twitch lawsuit

Michael Gwilliam
TimTheTatman and dr disrespectYouTube/DrDisrespect

As Dr Disrespect prepares for his lawsuit against Twitch following his mysterious permanent ban from the platform back in June 2020, TimTheTatman sent a heartwarming message to his friend.

Doc’s ban from Twitch has had a tremendous impact on both streamers’ broadcasts. Despite the two-time switching to YouTube and playing many of the same games as Tim, the two aren’t allowed to play together.

To see such a friendship whither due to a ban has been disheartening, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean that Doc and Tim don’t still rib on each other from time to time, such as when Tim cosplayed as the two-time on stream.

Dr Disrespect sets TimTheTatman a challenge

On August 24, Doc issued a special Call of Duty challenge to Tim: win a solo game within three tries and earn an exclusive red vest signed by the back-to-back Blockbuster Video Game champ himself.

Sadly, Doc soon retracted the challenge: “You’d rather spectate solos than win a legendary gaming memorabilia item fully matted, custom framed?” he asked.

“Hey BobbyPoff , can you believe this guy doesn’t have the guts to accept and WIN the challenge?”

TimTheTatman responds

For his part, however, Tim had a great response to the dare.

“I wonder if Doc could even do that?” he wondered. “Like, do you think he could do that challenge himself?”

Tim sends a personal message to Dr Disrespect

While Tim doubted Doc’s Warzone skills, he continued to share a pretty heartwarming message to his friend.

“Hey Doc, if you’re watching bro, for what it’s worth, I miss you. I miss us,” he confessed. “I hope life’s good. And for what it’s worth, man, I’ve been tuning into your streams on YouTube, and honestly, for what it’s worth, you’re doing really well over there too.”

The remarks come just one day after Dr Disrespect revealed he learned why Twitch banned him and plans to sue the Amazon-owned company.

The ban has severely cost the streamer some major profits and opportunities, with the entertainer revealing he makes just a quarter of what he was making on Twitch.

“It absolutely f***ing sucks,” he said, describing his situation.

Hopefully, with the lawsuit we can finally learn why Doc was really banned and perhaps one day, we can see Tim stream with his friend once again.