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TimTheTatman hilariously mocks Ninja’s infamous Fortnite dance live in New York

Published: 28/Oct/2021 6:53 Updated: 28/Oct/2021 7:27

by Brad Norton


Ninja’s unforgettable Fortnite floss dance from his 2019 Times Square broadcast over New Year’s Eve is still being ridiculed to this day as TimTheTatman poked fun at his friend during a recent New York stream.

“I’m not seeing enough movement” is a line that became instantly iconic as soon as Ninja said it during his now-infamous NYE livestream in 2018.

While he was all too enthusiastic about flossing in the rain, hundreds of spectators in the crowd didn’t quite have the same energy.

Ninja himself is often the first to joke about his embarrassing moment, recognizing it for what it is. But that doesn’t stop his closest friends from joking about it whenever possible, and TimTheTatman took the opportunity to do just that at the opportune moment.


While streaming outside in New York, just across from the Brooklyn Bridge, the YouTube streamer got up from his desk. He told his viewers, “I have to do something,” before moving his microphone arm out of the way.

Tim’s attempt at flossing starts at the 1:49:34 mark below.

“I’m gonna stand up for a second,” he said. “I have to do this. Being in New York city, I feel like I owe a tribute to my good friend Tyler”. Before long he was flossing just like Ninja did and shouting the exact same lines. “I’m not seeing enough movement New York,” Tim said to absolutely zero response.


Given there was no crowd in attendance, Tim was purely doing it to mock Ninja’s moment a few years prior. “Guys, I’m not seeing enough movement out there,” he repeated to the empty air.

All in all, Tim flossed for a good fifteen seconds before returning to focusing on his stream. He then told fans he simply “had to do it.”

Ninja soon noticed the clip and responded with nothing but an ellipsis, clearly unamused by the situation.

After sitting back down and hopping into the next Warzone lobby with his team online, Tim made an admission. “Side note… flossing is hard,” he joked. 


“I love you Tyler,” Tim added in the end. As some of the closest friends in the streaming industry, it was obviously all just a bit of fun. We’ll have to wait and see, though, if Ninja tries to get one back on him in the near future.