TikTok’s viral popsicle hack is blowing people’s minds

TikToker shows popsicle hackTikTok: shelbbrazzell / carrie_official.1

TikTok users are loving the latest viral food hack to sweep the platform, which shows a simple way to open the classic tube popsicles that many people love.

ByteDance-owned TikTok is home to a whole range of viral content. In particular, there are a huge number of popular lifehacks that have transformed the way people do simple things in their daily lives.

Things like the shower jeans hack have taken over the app in the past, with users keen to try out the popular hacks they see flooding their For You Page.

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The latest hack to grab people’s attention is all about the classic popsicles in the form of plastic tubes. Across the world, people call these popular treats something different, like ice pops, freezies, Otter Pops, or something else — but regardless of their name, they remain a staple of many people’s childhoods.

In a video uploaded in June, TikTok user Shelby Brazzell showed the easiest way to open these popsicles — an alternative to trying to bite the end off with your teeth, or to finding scissors to cut it.

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Shelby showed herself effortlessly popping the ice pop in half, instantly opening it and making it easy to push the ice out of the plastic on either side.

“So me cutting my mouth open multiple times in my childhood to tear these open was not needed?” one comment with over 13,000 likes read.

Several users went on to stitch the video with their attempts at the hack, and some of them couldn’t believe that it actually worked.

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However, others were disappointed with the results. For those that were struggling to make it work, commenters suggested to freeze it for longer to ensure the pop is properly frozen, and to make sure that you’re snapping it hard enough.

Others suggested that the reason it might not work for everyone is that companies will use different types of plastic, which might mean that the hack is impossible for certain types of ice pop.

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Regardless, it seems that many users are implementing this hack into their daily lives after seeing it on their TikTok For You Page.

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