TikTok’s viral Broccoli ‘hack’ has the internet split

tiktok broccoli greenTikTok: steph2302

TikTok user stepher2302 has launched the most recent viral debate on the video-sharing app, this time centered around how to cook and serve broccoli.

TikTok is known for pitting people against each other in tons of different debates that have gone viral, often centered around some pretty ridiculous reasons and videos.

Users on TikTok have been vocally split on Couch Guy and his girlfriend, scorned ex’s melting down an engagement ring, and the infamous Doors vs Wheels debate.

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Now, there’s a new debate making the rounds, centered on everyone’s favorite green vegetable.

TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Olivier Bergeron
TikTok has sparked debates centered around some bizarre subject matter, and this one is no different.

TikTok argues over broccoli ‘hack’

On April 4, user steph2302 posted a video that would end up throwing nearly all of TikTok into a frenzied argument.

The video is of her “life hack” where she boils a massive broccoli head-down in a pot of water, then chops the top off which in turn creates tons of smaller broccolis.

Steph’s comment section was instantly filled with thousands of comments arguing over keeping vs tossing the stem. The video, now at over 13.8 million views, has caused quite a stir.

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One user commented: “The stem, when it’s stir-fried in garlic and nice herbs and stuff, is the BEST.” Another added, “Lifehack?! Lol. Saved you the 20 seconds it takes to chop it. Plus you’ve wasted the best bit…”

While many stem-lovers echoed their sentiment, stem-dislikers were shocked that anyone would get this riled up over broccoli stems, which is the worst part.

“So many broccoli stem lovers. You should have a raffle and mail the winner the stems,” one TikToker joked.

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tiktok broccoli comment

Possibly the best comment came from a user both amused but horrified as they shouted, “WHY ARE PEOPLE OUT HERE ARGUING OVER BROCCOLI!”

At over an insane 8,000 comments now, the debate over broccoli stems simply will not die.

As the debate rages on, remember, at the end of the day, we’re talking about broccoli here.

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