TikToker Karina Prieto quits Society Las Vegas amid racism allegations

Society Las Vegas house in a TikTok togetherTikTok: societylasvegas

TikToker Karina Prieto has announced she’s leaving creator house Society Las Vegas after members were accused of using racial slurs.

The Society House is one of the many influencer groups that have been popping up in recent years, and features influencers like Karina Prieto, Hannah Evanna, and more. The group has just under 100,000 followers on TikTok, and posts a range of dance and challenge-related content.

On April 30, TikToker Taraswrld posted a video in which she said she wanted to ‘expose racists influencers,’ and the subject of the video was Society Las Vegas.

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Tara explained that she went on a party bus once, and she and her friends invited the creators from Society House to join them as they didn’t have any other friends in the area. She described that as the music was playing, many of them began to use racial slurs.

“All of them just spitting it out like it’s nothing. And I’m sitting back like, the nerve! The f***ing nerve! So my drunk ass got up and screamed in their face.”

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Soon after, member Karina also posted a video to TikTok in which she addressed the claims. “This is my statement saying that I don’t say that word in song, in slang, in conversation, with my closest friends, with my closest family. I don’t say that word,” she explained.

Karina went on to say: “To Tara I do apologize if something was misheard, misseen, or misunderstood, cause I don’t want bad blood with anyone,” apologizing for the situation.

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Then the official Society Las Vegas Instagram page posted a statement that claimed the house “has a no-tolerance policy for racism and hate.”

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They continued by adding: “We have been made aware of an accusation and will take appropriate action. We ask for your patience as we investigate the situation.”

Karina Prieto leaves Society Las Vegas

After Society House released their statement, Karina uploaded a TikTok in which she announced she would be leaving the house. She said she felt “disappointed” in her housemates for not speaking up after she’d already taken a public stance.

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A clip then resurfaced of Karina apparently saying a racial slur on a live last year, however she denied that she actually said it. Anna Shumate also sent in the context for the conversation in the clip, also claiming that Karina did not use a slur.


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In the comments, Karina wrote: “I hope this clears things up. I would never say something like that. Thank you to those of you who stood up for me and I hope that everyone that thought I said it now understands the context and AG‘s reaction. I apologize for talking fast and blurring my words together but I assure you I would never say it.”

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Karina Prieto responds on Instagram

Member Cole Beckham also uploaded a video in which he claimed he was the one who was using the racial slur in the song, not the girls, and alleged that some details of Tara’s original story are not true. Gabriella Annalisa also denied the allegations.

This isn’t the first time a whole TikTok house has found itself at the center of drama. In February, Not a Content House was nearly entirely disbanded as a result of its members’ accusations against management.

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