TikTok’s Red Flags trend: People share their biggest dating icks

TikTok dating red flagsTikTok: pastabianxo/theblondeinpink

Women on TikTok have been posting videos about their dating red flags. From “gym rats” to “Taurus men,” no-one is safe from this widespread trend. But, what is a red flag? More importantly, how do you avoid making it onto the list? 

Thanks to the internet, we have a whole new lexicon for bad relationship conduct. Twitter gave us ‘The Ick,’ the perfect expression for when you’re just not feeling it anymore. Words like ‘negging’ have also come into public consciousness as of late, popularized by season seven of Love Island.

On August 26, TikTok saw an influx of users confessing their dating ‘red flags.’ As in, traits you might see in a partner which trigger your fight-or-flight. From the arguably obvious (“is mean to his mom”) to the incredibly niche (“is a cancer sun.”)

While you’re poised with pen to paper, let’s actually break down what a ‘red flag’ really is.

Red flags, according to TikTok

On August 31, user @imscout revealed her “red flags in men”. Warning signs are very much an individual thing, as “drives a mom car” is testament to.

Other users cited “following Lana Rhodes and Belle Delphine” as their biggest red flags. Meanwhile, user ‘Evie’ revealed she dislikes “going to sleep on an argument” in a DMC with her followers.

TikToker Meghan Wainwright spoke about ‘love bombing’ in her red flag video. The dating-trend-within-a-dating-trend details a potential partner “texting you like you’re they’re girlfriend” before meeting for the first time.

What do all these dating trends mean?

Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t come with its own dictionary. With each buzzword and phrase flying around, it can be hard to keep up! Luckily, we’ve compiled a rundown of TikTok dating trends below.

  • Red Flags: Early warning signs that your (potential) partner may not be the one for you, after all.
  • Negging: A pick-up tactic which involves insulting your target so they’ll “open up to your advances.”
  • Love Bombing: Bombarding a (potential) partner with excessive affection, before leaving them high and dry.
  • The Ick: The point of no return; a cold bucket of water after the honeymoon stage.
  • Breadcrumbing: A partner dropping ‘crumbs’ of affection in an attempt to lead you on.
  • Ghosting: Blanking, ignoring, potentially even blocking a partner for no reason.

Red flags can be tricky to navigate. But its always worth bearing in mind that there’s someone out there for everyone!