TikToker’s viral video has internet split over if she got fired

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A viral TikTok is splitting the internet on a situation in which a store employee called out sick before getting a bizarrely ambiguous response that sounds like she got fired.

Social media has given the internet plenty of confusing trends over the years like The Dress that had people fiercely debating if a garment was black and blue or gold and white. Not long after, a TikToker’s video, again, split viewers on a shirt’s color that baffled onlookers.

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It’s that kind of energy that produces some of the funniest ‘debates’ on TikTok and sends viewers through a loop after their concept of “see to believe” gets hilariously challenged.

That happened again after doublesidedadapter’s video of her boss’s reply to calling out sick made the rounds as she questioned if she had been fired or not.

Viral ‘Am I Fired?’ TikTok

Racking up about 6 million and hundreds of thousands of likes, the TikToker was was floored by her manager’s response to calling out sick: “Ok no problem. Don’t came back more is slow.”

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Was it a sassy way of telling an employee not to bother coming back to work? Or was it a cool boss who was okay with the day off request who had some unfortunate autocorrect errors?

Those questions have split TikTok users after doublesidedadapter shed light on her side of the events leading up to the text and the subsequent response when she tried to get clarification.

“Is English his first language? Because if not, then he definitely meant don’t come back,” one user surmised. But not everyone was on the same page, with one person saying: “I really think he’s just saying don’t worry about it.”

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Luckily, the TikToker said it isn’t too consequential in her life should she be let go, but as it stands, her back-and-forth with her employers led her to believe she’s fired.

Audiences weren’t sure what to make of the situation at first glance, making it one of TikTok’s latest funny favorites that’s been going viral.

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