TikTokers The Smithy Family’s house burnt down in alleged arson

Photo of the Smithy Family and the destruction to their property after the fireTikTok, Instagram: The Smithy Family

Popular British TikTokers The Smithy Family’s house burned down in the early hours of July 15, along with their car. Nick, the father, alleged two people had attempted to harm his family.

In a series of videos post on their TikTok, Nick informed viewers that everyone was able to get out of the house, including the dogs.

The rest of the Smithy family is currently at a safe place while Nick appears to have slept in a van outside the house.

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In one video, the destruction is seen including a burnt-out car, a destroyed front garden, and the house severely damaged. In another video, Nick shows the damage to the girls’ bedroom including large amounts of soot on the walls.

The videos have gone massively viral trending on Google with the first three videos getting more than a million views each. The video of the damage to the house has over two million.

How did the fire start?

It is unknown at the time of writing what started the fire. However, it appears to have started outside due to heavy damage to the Smiths’ car.

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Nick in the first video posted alleged that two people started the fire. In a later video, Nick alleges that one person filmed it while the other watched.

Nick said that their actions “could’ve killed [his] family” as well as his neighbors and his friends.

In one tearful video, Nick says to those who allegedly committed the attack “I don’t think you’ve realized the consequences of what you’ve done.”

At this point, he breaks down emotionally telling the camera how “he’s worked so hard” to provide for the Smithy family, give his girls the room they wanted, and “to do the right thing”.

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Smithy Family celebrating the Euros 2021Instagram, The Smithy Family
The Smithy Family celebrating the successes of the England team during the Euros 2021

Who are the Smithy Family?

The Smithy Family have over 2.5 million followers on TikTok making them one of the most popular British YouTubers. Their videos have 268.1 million likes.

Their videos often get over 250,000 views with many getting at least 500,000. The family often post about their life, playing in the garden and more recently watching football.

On their Instagram, they have over 200,000 followers.

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