TikToker’s sour candy freakout has internet convinced she’s “possessed”

TikToker's sour candy freakout has internet convinced she's possessedTikTok: underratedhijabi

A TikToker’s shocking reaction to trying the “most sour sweet ever” has left her viewers “praying” after they claimed she’d been “possessed”.

Referred to as “the most sour sweet ever”, Black Death Mega Sours are not for the faint of heart. There’s even a warning label urging caution just in case it wasn’t already clear that this candy comes with a challenge.

However, that wasn’t enough to scare off one TikToker, who goes by ‘underratedhijabi’ on the platform. With her content surrounding “food and candy”, she took upon the task of purchasing the sweets and sharing her reaction online.

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And the candy seemingly delivered, resulting in what viewers dubbed an “out of body experience” that saw the TikToker “possessed”.

Rocking herself back and forth after the initial “extremely sour coating” wore off, the creator didn’t hesitate to dive back into the bag for a second candy.

This second attempt went much like the first, with the TikToker left screaming and thrashing in her car due to what she claimed felt like a “metal rod at the back of [her] throat”.

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“I’ve never ever tried something more sour,” she later told The Post, choosing to stay anonymous. “It’s so sour that it took my brain a while to process what I was feeling and tasting.”

Luckily, this isn’t her first experience with sour sweets. In a previous video, the creator showed off her own “Sour Masala” which featured another famously eye-watering candy.

Viewers on TikTok were evidently amused by the creator’s taste test of the Black Death Mega Sours, jumping to the comments to share their thoughts; “[She] went through all the stages of grief in those moments.”

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Another person wrote, “My sister was possessed by the black death, not once but twice.”

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