TikToker’s son drives car in parking lot “GTA style” and it ends in disaster

gta 5 trevor with car and explosionRockstar Games / TikTok: Electrician

A TikTok user made the grave mistake of allowing his son to drive their car around a parking lot for practice, as he went all “GTA style” and crashed in seconds.

The weird and the wonderful can be found on TikTok, with the strangest videos going viral on a daily basis.

TikTok users have seen everything from viral dance trends to Dollar General employees calling out the company they work for and being fired soon after, but on April 19, something much wilder happened on the app.

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As seen in a video posted by electrician_, the father in the video stepped out of his vehicle to proudly record his kid taking the family car for a spin.

Rockstar Games
Driving is a big part of the GTA Online experience – but not everybody is good at the wheel.

TikToker’s son crashes car into a lamp post

The clip claims the son said “watch me GTA style” before drifting around in the car park, dodging different obstacles in his way.

After a few successful attempts, moving from left to right, it wasn’t long before the inevitable happened.

The car came racing towards the camera on the left-hand side, before a huge collision with a lamp post.

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It is unclear, at the time of writing, as to whether the driver was injured following the collision.

Speaking to the disastrous GTA reference made before crashing, one user replied: “Now let’s see how much it cost him at Los Santos customs…”

Another added: “Once I saw the wipers on I knew he was going to mustang into something.”

After this SUV crash, you can bet your bottom dollar the father involved won’t take any chances next time the son says “GTA style.”

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