TikToker’s scary Uber ride goes viral as driver picks up “crazy” girlfriend

Uber ride goes viralFreePik/Uber

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for documenting the “scariest Uber experience of her life” where the 4.8 star-rated driver picked up his “crazy” girlfriend and even invited himself to dinner with her.

TikToker Keekssmageekss was left feeling unsafe and nervous during an Uber ride in Southern California when she had a bizarre trip.

The woman’s TikTok, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times shows her in the back seat of a car while her driver talked about picking up his girlfriend in the middle of the trip.

In the captions of the video, Keeks even noted how the driver claimed he went to jail for choking his girlfriend.

TikToker’s Uber ride from hell goes viral

“She’s an alcoholic, she drinks too much,” the driver is heard saying in the video, adding how she would self-harm if they broke up. “She got me kicked out of the apartment. She’s got a restraining order on me, and we’re still together. She’s a reckless person. She brings out the bad boy in me.”

As the two waited in his car for the driver’s girlfriend to come out, the man inquired about where she was going for the night and upon learning that she was having dinner responded: “We might have to eat down there with you. Because she wanted to go out and do something.”

In a video update the next day, the passenger revealed she was okay, but still shaken over the situation and posted the video for other women who may find themselves in similar situations.

According to Keems, Uber issued her a full refund for the trip after reporting her incident, but she doesn’t feel like it’s enough, even though she’s guaranteed to never be matched with the driver again.

Luckily, it seems like the company is looking deeper into the incident. The New York Post reports that Uber has removed the driver’s access to the app while they investigate.

In any case, hopefully, Keems’ calm demenaur can help other women if they are on a ride they regret taking with a driver who makes them feel unsafe.